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It's Not Really a Secret -- We're Open to the Public!

Stop by and visit us.  Good food, good folks, good fun!

Open daily 11am - 12 midnight, except
closing Sunday 9pm and Tuesday 10pm.

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Hot Dog Mondays are here!! For details, see our weekly schedule, below.

Coming Up This Week(ish)
Friday 6 Oct (4pm-10pm):  Fish Fry, the Dining Room is open!!! Live Entertainment: Frank & Co.
Monday 9 Oct (6pm): Post & Auxiliary Meeting.   
Tuesday 10 Oct: Bingo (6pm): Jackpot will be $1,900 on 50 numbers!
Saturday 14 Oct (9a-3p): Craft Show
Sunday 15 Oct: Marine Corps Breakfast Returns!

Sneak Peak (Check our Calendar for the latest information.) 
Thursday 26 Oct (6pm): House Committee Meeting.  
Friday 27 Oct - 29 Oct: Bus Trip to National Home, leaving from Madison.
Saturday 28 Oct (6pm): Halloween Party - Costume Contest, Pot Luck, More Here!
Saturday 11 Nov: Veteran's Day celebration, free BBQ, band 6-9pm, open to the public.
Saturday 7 Sep 2024: Military Expo.
Hungry?  Sure you are!  Check out Daily Menu Here for selections and prices.  (updated for June 2023).  Our weekly events:

Friday -        Delicious Fish Fry! 4pm to 8pm, our Dining Room has reopened.
                      Our famous Baked Fish is back -- first come, first served 'til it's gone!
                      Euchre 1:30pm
                      Live Entertainment starts 7pm
Saturday -   Nachos & Pretzel Bites Specials (All Day, Dine-in Only).
Sunday -       Cod Nuggets (All Day, Dine-in Only)
                      Packer parties and raffles (When Packers Play)
                      Cootie Breakfast (Fall through Spring, 1st Sunday each month; returns this fall)
                      Marine Corps Breakfast (3rd Sunday each month; October thru May only) 
Monday -     Hot Dog Monday!  Plain Hot Dog $4, with cheese $4.50, chili & cheese $5; add fries $1.50.
                      Free Pool!  $1 off 16 oz tappers 'til 5pm
                      Happy hour 5pm - 6pm
                      Texas Hold 'em tournament 6pm
                      Post Meetings (2nd Monday each month 6pm)
Tuesday-       Bingo 6pm
                      Happy hour 5pm - 6pm
Wednesday- Euchre tournament 1:30pm
                      Happy hour 5pm - 6pm
                      Texas Hold 'em tournament 6pm
                      Meat Raffles 5pm - 6:30pm, Yes, we have these every week!
Thursday-    Taco Thursday!  Enjoy one of our world-famous soft-shell tacos. 
                      >>> Tacos made to order, and/or Loaded Nachos!
                      Happy hour 5pm - 6pm
                      Texas Hold 'em tournament 6pm

Check the Events Calendar for our future events.

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Assistance & Benefits

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